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Art Space Showcase‘ is where I love to share fellow artists and their work spaces. I couldn’t think of anyone else to begin the year 2016 filled with inspiration and love of all things creative than today’s Art Space Showcase….

Meet 52-week Illustration Founder Tania McCartney and her ‘art space’.


Tania McCartney, Canberra

1. Describe your art space…

My space sits at the front of our house in a warm, sunshiny room with a door I can actually close! It has a dedicated space for writing and also one for illustrating. The illustration station sits right in front of a full length window, so I get all this wonderful, natural light.

It’s a very organised space because chaos begets chaos in my world! So the neater, the better, not only because it looks pretty but because it’s soothing. I also hate not being able to find things—it’s so time-wasting and cluttering—so I have a dedicated spot for everything.

I do have a wooden artist box/easel that I can take on the road if I need to. It’s got lots of space and I actually use it as a permanent easel on my drawing desk. The angle is adjustable.


2. When do you like to create? Do you have a favourite day of week or time of day?

Whenever I can! But mostly weekdays from around 9 to 4. Many weekends see a few hours put in, too. I love creating first thing in the morning, after I’ve checked all emails and finished a round of yoga. Nighttime is reserved for deadlines, mostly, and I hardly ever illustrate at night—only write or edit.


3. Describe your art work. What are you working on at the moment?

My work is modern, quirky, perhaps a little hip. It usually has obvious humour, and I’m obsessed with gorgeous, lucid colour and pattern. I’m mostly creating children’s illustrations right now, and am working on my very first self-illustrated book (out Nov 2016). I’ve also been toying with some other picture book ideas, creating sample illos, and I’ve already completed one-and-a-half picture books using digital art, which combines photography and monoprinting backgrounds and textures. I adore texture, colour and pattern.


4. What mediums do you like to use?

Mostly watercolour with finer liners but I also use copic-style coloured markers, pencil (graphite, prismacolor) and other watercolour mediums like pencil or crayon. I spend a lot of time creating digital artworks, too, either fully digital or in combination with my watercolour works.


5. List five favourite art tools that you couldn’t live without…

  1. Watercolour
  2. Fine liners
  3. White pen
  4. My desk top easle
  5. Great water colour paper
  6. I also need to add Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator


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Check out Tania’s latest books:
Tania’s latest books include This is Captain Cook and Peas in a Pod. Australian Kids Through the Years (image attached), illustrated by Andrew Joyner (National Library Publishing), has been chosen by the Australian Booksellers Association as the creative inspiration for this year’s Kids’ Reading Guide! See it here www.kidsreadingguide.com.au




Thank you Tania for sharing your art space…..it is no wonder you are able to create your fabulous work in such an inspiring space.

Staying creative,
Nicky x

PS. If you are interested in sharing your art space…..please contact me nicky(at)nickyjohnston(dot)com(dot)au


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